Sunday, October 10, 2010

From Earth and Water

The Vegan Era Crew had the absolute pleasure of enjoying a scrumptious lunch at a new raw vegan cafe on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia last week. fRom eArth and Water is a gorgeous little place tucked away of James Street in Burleigh Heads. It is bright and airy with wooden, balinese inspired furnishings, and offers a simple, but oh-so-tasty menu.

This is what they have to say about their beautiful food:
"Our menu is a celebration of raw organic cuisine, 100% botanical with no animal products, gluten, dairy, refined sugars, or processed ingredients. Everything on our menu uses the purest seasonal ingredients locally sourced and organically grown. The result is vibrant rich deep flavour without guilt. The passion, commitment to detail, unique artistry food techniques and the use of exotic botanical ingredients is best experienced from the chefs table menu. this menu has been carefully constructed with your health in mind...Discover the inherent beauty and flavour of each ingredient in its natural raw state. Welcome, be well!"

The small cafe is run by one beautiful lady called Nic who has a passion for nourishing your body and soul.

We enjoyed the following:
Sweet Vanilla Nut Mylk (fresh coconut water, home made almond mylk and vanilla pod)

Pistachio Pesto Ravioli (Ravioli made from fresh young coconuts and basil and filled with pistachio pesto, sun-dried tomato marinara and marinated vegetables)

Soft mini tacos (taco shells made from golden flax and zucchini and filled with spicy sun-dried tomato filling, guacamole, fresh tomato lime salsa and house made "sour cream")

Coconut wrap spring rolls (light wraps made from fresh coconut and filled with avocado, coriander, mint, cucumber, cashews and a stay dressing)

Baja Burrito Wrap (wrap made from golden flax and zucchini and filled with nut cheese, marinated vegetables, seasonal salad greens, avocado, cashews and sour cream)

Banana pancakes filled with a decadent cream and topped with chocolate and raspberry sauces.

I know what you are thinking - how in the world did 2 people eat all of that?? Well, we went slow and worked our way through the menu gently. We shared everything and took some meals home to enjoy for dinner. Although we were still full from lunch!

I think it's best I let the pics do the talking (please note that I tried my best to remember to take photos BEFORE devouring the meals but, alas, a couple of times I got half way through the meal before realizing that I had to take a picture!).

Sweet Vanilla Nut Mylk
This was served ice cold and was absolutely divine!

Soft Mini Tacos
The sour cream on these tacos was delicious! We were expecting the sun-dried tomato filling to be a little spicier but the flavours of this filling and the salsa and guac complemented each other beautifully. Much better than a 'real' taco!

Pistachio Pesto Ravioli
The marinara sauce in the ravioli was beautiful and we polished these off very quickly.

Coconut Wrap Spring Rolls
We had 1 spring roll each and that was definitely enough! These were so filling, choc full of grated carrot and other vegetables and the satay sauce was lovely and sweet.

Banana Pancakes filled with cashew cream
Dessert was AMAZING. The cream inside was beautiful and not too heavy, while the raspberry sauce gave it a really fresh taste.

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience and each and every dish. It is amazing how filling and tasty raw food is. Unfortunately, all the nuts in the creamy sauces gave Dave a few tummy problems, which I guess goes with eating a lot of raw foods. Nuts are just so versatile that they end up in everything!

It is one of those places we will certainly revisit, if only because we cannot be bothered making such beautiful creations ourselves! This is what dining out is all about! Thank you so much to Nic and her lovely staff for making our experience at From Earth and Water so enjoyable! Even Trudi was allowed to sit with us and enjoy!

Be Love; Be Peace; Be Vegan. Save Our Home