Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Celebrities Making The Switch

U.S actress Ginnifer Goodwin, star of ‘He’s Just Not That Into You,’ and tv show Big Love, is one of many celebrities making the switch to the loving vegan diet. Goodwin, who made the switch to vegan about a year and a half ago, said on Late Nights with Conan O’Brien that she is “on a vegan high!”

Beautiful Miss Goodwin explained that the switch began with an epiphany one day while preparing her morning coffee: "We were filming the road trip episode of this season's Big Love and we were staying in a hotel. I was doing a lot--and I mean a lot—of yoga at the time, and I've heard it's not uncommon for something like this to happen when you are in a stage like that," she explains. "Anyway, I was having my morning coffee, and I was pouring milk into it, and all I can say is that I suddenly realized what it was that I was pouring into my coffee. 

I was so disgusted, because I had never actually stopped to think about what milk is. And dairy had always been my favorite food group! I thought, 'Surely this feeling will pass,' but at lunchtime I was still disgusted. Over the next few days, I started really thinking about what I was eating."

Now there is nothing she wants to eat less than a piece of cheese or a burger.  “I have nightmares I’m being force-fed these things,” she said.
Being very health conscious, Goodwin began researching nutrition and how animals are treated.  “I started reading and learned that we don't need any of it—meat, dairy products. We get everything we need without those things—except maybe B12, but there's this whole controversy that maybe we're only getting B12 because the animals are being fed B12 supplements.

And I read about what actually occurs in the factory farming; I found out what it is that diary cows go through and what horrible lives these animals lead. I actually broke down—there was a day of sobbing upon realizing what I had been supporting. And I thought, well, if I don't need animals to be healthy in my diet, then why would I take their lives away or support an industry that puts them in situations that might not be the most, uh, happy-making."
Goodwin is joined by other celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi and of course the very charismatic Mr. Bill Clinton.
Be Love – Be Peace – Be Vegan. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

End Foie Gras

Foie Gras, literal translation is "fatty liver"; this is the process  where 'farmers' force a tube down a duck or a geese throat and pumps up to 20kg of fat into their bodies.
You ask yourself, why?
As described by Ms. Kate Winslet in a new PETA video; this process causes thier livers to swell to many times the normal size.
Are you still sitting their scratching your head asking yourself, 'yes, but why?' Well, this practice is done to feed the socialites of the world at their dinners.
A common meal now at restaurants is liver, and this equates to the liver from an animal such as a duck or a geese.
Have you not ever asked yourself. when sitting at the table staring at your piece of liver (this writer is shuttering at the thought) how that liver became so big - and where it came from.
Well, this is where!
The living conditions of our beautiful feathered friends are appalling, they are crammed into cages no bigger then them.

They can hardly stand - let alone spread their wings and stretch. They are placed in a prison cell - confined to a life of torture and pain.

Their day to day lives are spent on death row - knowing they will die, but not when. They are awaken by the 'farmer' strangling them, squeezing their beaks together so they can force a tube down their throat, so far down that it enters directly into their stomach.

This process occurs not just once a day, but many times a day. Our beautiful animal friends are forced feed till they are slaughtered to produce that one piece of liver sold to you at a restaurant.

Please be the voice for millions of innocent ducks and geese slaughtered daily.
Would you like your children, your brother or sister, your father your mother or your friend to be one of these animals?

Help put an end to this terrible truth.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Healthy Vegan Fox

There is a difference in being a healthy a Vegan and not being a healthy Vegan. I am sure that you would have read all about this recently where Megan Fox has spoken very publicly about her recent diet. This has given us reason to bring you a simple guide in adopting a healthy, nutritious Vegan diet into your lifestyle.

As with any diet that you undertake, it is imperative that you maintain a healthy balance. It can be very easy to fall into a trap of thinking that because you are limiting yourself a food, you can compensate with other types of food. That can be a very dangerous trap, as you can very easily over compensate.

If you are not aware of the good food types, you can start down a path of eating or in some cases not eating certain foods. This can come about through old habits, or through bad advice. It is important you seek the right advice from the right people, because when you go to the wrong people stuck in the old way of thinking all to easily you can be taken of the path.

The types of food that you must be aware of,
- High processed food: Products like flour, white bread, chocolate, chips, biscuits and cakes are dreadful for our bodies. Even if you are fit and healthy, you would not eat too much of this.

- Balance of Fruit and Vegetables: Ensure you are getting a good mix between fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains (brown rice, millet, quinuo)

- Legumes: Look for organic, un-processed soy products like tofu. They are a great substitute and fill you up.

- Grains: There is a whole world out there full of amazing grains that will give your body all the carbohydrates and protein it needs.

All yourself to be loose and have some fun with preparing and enjoying Vegan food. There is so much to be had in the kitchen and so many amazing recipes out there. If you get too stuck in some old school medical dogmas, you are not giving yourself the chance to enjoy your new found lifestyle.

If you ever have any questions, see your doctor (if you can a veg doctor) and get a blood test. They can test your iron and B12 levels to ensure your body is getting all that it needs.
If you ever find that it is a little low on something, there are a stack of products out there that are Vegan that will give your body the supplements it needs.

Above all, enjoy your new found lifestyle. I assure you that you will feel amazing and get so much more out of life.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lentil Spaghetti

This is another great meal that the young ones love.
They get to slop it and slurp all night long – the only thing is – it might be a mess for you to clean..SORRY


- 4 cups water

- Dash salt

- 1 cup brown or french green lentils (not red)

- Olive oil

- 1 onion, sliced

- 3 to 4 cloves garlic, minced

- 1 (24 ounce) jar spaghetti sauce (personally, I heart Ragu)

- 1 (15-ounce) can diced tomatoes, drained

- herbs, to taste (basil, marjoram, oregano, thyme, chives, etc.)

- Cracked black pepper, to taste

- Pinch sugar, or to taste

- Small pinch tumeric

- 1 or 2 (8-ounce) packages whole wheat pasta (angel hair best), cooked and drained


1. Fill a small pot with water. Add a dash of salt and lentils. (The lentils can be pulverized slightly in blender beforehand, if you like, meaning the lentils will cook faster.) Bring to boil over medium-high head (second-highest setting), uncovered, stirring every few minutes, until lentils are tender (but not too mushy, if you didn't pulverize them).
2. While those cook, heat olive oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Fry your onion until softened slightly. Add garlic and sauté for a minute or two more. Add tomato sauce and tomatoes. Turn down heat slightly. Add a splash more oil.
3. When lentils are tender, drain and add to the sauce. If the sauce seems to be drowning the lentils, cook for a little longer. If the lentils seem too thick, add some more tomato sauce.
4. Add herbs, black pepper, sugar, and tumeric. Serve over pasta (cooked via the package's instructions).
Source of recipe: This is a favorite recipe of mine.
Makes: 5- to 6-ish servings, Preparation time: 10-ish minutes, Cooking time: 30 to 45 minutes


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What Makes Your Vegan Fashion

Coming very shortly, Vegan Era will be releasing their latest e-book Vegan Fashion. We are very, very excited as this has been something that we have been wanting to do for a very long time. We also feel that there is a whole, amazing, colorful fashionable vegan fashion world out there that no one seems to know about it.

It is pretty similar to making the transition with your food. We have been raised for such a long time on a traditional diet that it is in-grained in us. When we grow older we eat without thinking. The same can be said for what we wear.

Vegan Era is hoping to change all that with their latest e-book that goes in to detail about the fashion industry and what exactly goes into making our clothes. Not only that, our beautiful Mandy will be giving a few extra tips and hints on ways that you can Vegan-ise your wardrobe.

When you take a look at the fashion magazine, blogs and papers you are seeing more and more celebrties are making the compassionate choice and choosing to wear no fur.
A large thanks has to go to PETA who do an amazing job in attracting celebrities to take a stance against animal cruelty in the fashion industry.

We are noticing people like Ellen, Pamela Anderson and Pink take a stance not only against fur but also promote vegan fashion. Plus the world has the amazing talent of Stella McCartney, whose line is always inspiring. Due to the increase publicity of this beautiful movement toward a compassionate lifestyle, many celebrities are stepping out on the run way waring faux fur.

No we are also seeing people like Gisele Bundchen (model) take an interest in eco fashion as well as Summer Rayne Oakes who not only promotes earth friendly choices, but actively promotes this in schools and the community.

So, on this topic the CREW at Vegan Era would love to hear your thoughts on your Vegan Wardrobe.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why We Love Bill

Bill Clinton
We only have a couple of words for this, 'how cool!' The CREW at Vegan Era were so amazed to hear this news. For some time we had heard the rumor that Mr. Clinton had gone vegetarian, however, when we heard the news that it was no longer a rumor and an actuality that Mr. Clinton was Vegan....WOAW we were simply blown away.

For those out there that are new to being Vegan, and adopting the Compassionate lifestyle let me shed some light on to why this is so big.

For those of us, that have been actively promoting this way of life, it can sometimes seem like we are bashing our heads against a brick wall. The message is there, but for some reason it just doesn't seem to be reaching the wider audience. The CREW at Vegan Era have spent much of their time researching why this is the case. Simply put, we don't really know. There are factors in the past that we can differently see why it would be hard to break through, perhaps those barriers are still up. However, when such an influence public figure makes it public that he advocates a Vegan diet, it feels like a barrier has come down.

One of the biggest barriers that we find is the regulations that are in place by government agencies. An example of this is recently in Australia, the Prime Minister placed a halt on Live Export Trade. It soon got lifted, and not long after they passed a bill in Parliament that saw Live Export could continue.
When governments around the world are still dictating such policies, it makes it difficult to get a message heard that differs from this.

The public view is essential in helping to turn the point of view of the government. When a influential public figure such as Mr. Clinton speak out promoting a Vegan lifestyle, this assists the whole cause of promoting a compassionate lifestyle. It is like a ripple effect, when this gets into the media you soon hear more and more coming out advocating the same message. As this continues, it grows strength and you soon find that a tidal wave has been created and is covered in all media. Then when we, who are watching the news see this, it no longer seems like such an abstract vision. Rather a very real possibility.

There is a beautiful quote from Mother Theresa. A person asked, 'Why will you not come to our Stop War rally?' Mother Theresa replied with 'When you hold a Pro Peace rally, I will be there.'

There are very effective methods in spreading the compassionate message. Through powerful, public figures like former President Mr. Clinton does this, it holds great gravity in promoting any campaign.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Create Your Own Seminar

The Vegan Era CREW were very blessed to have conducted their very first seminar. YAY! We had such a magnificent turn out, and it seemed that everyone really enjoyed being together and talking to like minded people.

On this point, we thought it only fitting to share all that we have learnt and a few things that we could improve on.

Know Who You Are?
For us, we had very little expectations. I guess, as long as it wasn't Mandy and I talking to each other we were very happy.
Along with this, we are two very relaxed people. Hence, we thought our presentation should reflect that. We made it our point to be very free and relaxed when talking and if people had questions they could ask them there and then.

Upon reflection, we found that this was the one thing that people loved about our presentation. The fact that they could relate to us and they felt comfortable. That was a real bonus. When you stand up and talk in front of an audience you all feed of the energy, so if they are relaxed, you are relaxed.

Set It Up
Although we did not intend for this to happen, the relaxed atmosphere just flowed. Perhaps this had to do with the fact that we were delayed with technical difficulties so I had the time to meet people before hand and they could all get together to have a little chat.

This actually leads me on to my next point, try your best to have all the technical issues ironed out before the day. We use apple computers, and they did not work with the hard ware available to us. luckily we had a back up computer, however a lot of the software we were using for the presentation did not work. We were able to get around it, however, if had of tested everything a couple of days before hand we could have been more prepared.

Mix It Up
The CREW has been lucky to have been to a few seminars previously. In our experience we found most of the them boring and distant. We wanted our audience to feel like they really knew us, and they could relate to the material.

In order to create this environment we changed between power point presentation, video and free talking. After the presentation was complete, we received very positive feedback for mixing things up.

You always want as many people as you can to your event. We made sure that we had time up our sleeve to get our message out to as many people as possible. The tools we used were letterbox drop, email outs, cafe posters, local media (newspaper, radio) and social media. We were also fortunate in that our local library (the place where we held the seminar) also promoted us.

To be very honest we found the most effective way to get your message heard was through social media. Set yourself up with as many groups and like minded people as you can. Don't be afraid to ask them to spread your message through their friend network.
You often hear that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Well nothing has changed....well sort of nothing, it is no longer done through people verbally talking, rather typing on face book.

Give, Give, Give
Not only giving of your time, and of yourself but also give people other treats. People are really appreciative of little gifts especially when you are presenting vegan food. People like to know that they can cook beautiful little treats like cup cakes just as they used to.

At the end of our seminar we gave away books, bags and eats. People were left feeling happy and blissful and all it took was a little love.

Be Happy
Some of the information that we are presenting can be very confronting. We like to keep things very light and happy, however we did present one video that shows how many animals are killed per second around the world. It is confronting, but to finish of the talk we showed a happy video, something fun and light. This helped to uplift the  mood of the room.

What We Learnt
The CREW really enjoyed spreading the message, and as I mentioned we had very little expectations. So to have the outcome that we did we were so happy and motivated to do more.

We feel that we could streamline the presentation so that it flowed better when we changed between video and power point.
Set up a video camera and photographer and streamline the seminar on the web. Our next step is to work out how to get this information straight to you. There is a application on face book that allows for web-inars. It something we are looking into and could greatly improve the reach of your presentation.

We would love to hear what you think, so if you have any feedback please tell us. We love to learn always looking for ways better get the message out to the world.

Later Skaters.

Monday, July 25, 2011

HEALTH & HAPPINESS: Cultured Veggies

I go on a lot about alkaline and acidic foods purely because a diet that is highly acidic makes us more vulnerable to developing chronic disease. Acidic foods promote inflammation within the body and we know that inflammation is the root cause of most chronic disease such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis at al. Eating a highly acidic diet also allows our intestinal bacteria to get out of whack. You've seen those adverts that promote drinking those sugar-laden drinks that help to restore healthy gut flora right? Well, there's a healthier way to do it. Eat cultured veggies! 

Cultured veggies? Yes I know it sounds a little like something that's growing in a petri dish but I'm going to give you some really compelling reasons why they should feature regularly in your diet. But first, here's the lowdown on what the hell cultured veggies actually are.

Here are 8 reasons why you should be eating cultured vegetables:

1. They aid digestion lessening the energy drain on your body (great for anyone that has a weak digestive tract and has a hard time digesting raw foods)

2. They help to eliminate toxins from the body

3. They help to restore a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria within the intestines

4. They help to reduce sugar cravings (hellooooooo this is reason ENOUGH!)

5. Eating animal protein creates toxic by-products in the intestines and by eating the veggies WITH the animal protein, it helps to turn these toxins back into healthy amino acids

6. They are extremely alkalising and cleansing for the body. (They may make you a little gassy to begin with but once you get everything cleaned out then it will all start working nicely!) I had to go there...these things are important! A toxic colon is a toxic body people!

 They increase your longevity. (As they allow you to reserve your body's own enzymes for digestion, your body is better equipped to repair cells, eliminate toxins, strengthen your immune system etc).

8.They are perfect for pregnant and nursing women as they provide a healthy inner environment for good bacteria and can help alleviate morning sickness! Plus the liquid from the veggies can help relieve the babys colic.

The photo is of some cultured veggies called Kim Chi which is a traditional Korean dish of fermented seasoned cabbage and other veggies. (Fermented just means the chemical breakdown of a substance by bacteria, yeasts or other microorganisms.)

At first you might struggle with the idea of roaming bacteria or yeast in your food but these little dudes are actually a good thing as you can see from the reasons above. Additionally cultured vegetables have had profound positive effects on children with autism.

You can make them at home very easily or you can buy them ready made. If I'm having a good old creativity session in the kitchen I will make it but sometimes I buy it ready-made from Raw Living.

If you are completely new to cultured veggies then I would recommend you buy some first to try and see if you like it. It will be a new experience for you as it has a fairly strong flavour but once you try it, I'm pretty sure you'll like it. It has a kind of tangy flavour and can be eaten on salads, as a side dish or on their own and combines particularly well with a protein or starch meal which can be very heavy on the body.

Raw sauerkraut is also another fantastic source of cultured veggies but don't mistake this for the salted and pasteurised version sold in most shops. (The pasteurisation process destroys the enzymes and the salt is bad bad bad!)
World Vegan - World Peace

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Create Your Own Loving Magazine

Have you been looking for a way to spread the Earth and Animal loving message to the world, but not sure where to start? Well, we hope that this piece will point you in the right direction.

The biggest step of all is an idea. What aspiring thoughts have you had that you think the world would love to hear? For people like us, it is pretty simple, we want to save the animals. This is a great start, however, to ensure longevity, you must have a theme, a look or a concept that your magazine publication will have. It is essential that you create this idea in your mind, so that every-time you publish your next great piece it is in line with all the rest that you done. If you keep on chopping and changing, it can confuse your reader and all of a sudden you have lost everyone that you have worked so hard to get.
Once again, don't confuse things, there is an old saying in marketing 101 'Keep It Simple Stupid' or KISS. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once again, for us it is pretty simple. Think of a few key words and picture what goes with this word. For example, we are saving the animals, so what do you think goes with this - Love, Peace, Compassion. There you go, you have just got yourself a theme and idea, you are ready to get pumping.

Editor-At-Large Laura Hooper Beck decided she needed to make a zine after being inspired by others and recognizing a niche waiting to be filled. Beck recently launched Fat Zine!, which she says cost her about $76 from start to finish, and is paying that amount back with the proceeds of her zine sold online and at the recent San Francisco Zine Fest. “There just isn't that much stuff out there that's body positive for women. I wanted to make something that said, ‘hey, it's okay if you're not skinny, or it's okay if you are—whatever!’ and I did it with a fat-positive bend because hardly anything is,” said Beck. “I want to open up that dialogue more. Plus, I love working with glitter, and my zine has a lot of it.”

Here is a great link to get you thinking about what you need to do. The site is called Micro Publishing. They have very helpful hints and tips on how to get up and running.

Once you have got yourself ready to go, and have done all the fun layouts and articles the next step you will need to do is convert your magazine to a PDF file. There are a number of free programs that can do this for you, as well as some word processing software that can convert files to PDF format, such as Zoho and Open Office. Both wordprocessing packages have their advantages and disadvantages however. Alternatively the magazine can be completely created with desktop publishing software which should also be able to save the document as a PDF file.

Sign up to your preferred magazine hosting website. It can pay to check out a number of these sites because the free options can offer different levels of service. A basic option may only allow you to upload the PDF file without other alternatives such as allowing readers to download the magazine. Different websites also have different levels of advertising that will be presented to your readers.

Now you have to share your voice with the world. The best, easiest and cheapest way to do this is via the big 2 - Facebook and Twitter. Get yourself known amongst the Vegan community. Target those pages that have a large, dedicated following and keep on plugging your work.

We hope that this information has helped. If you have any questions, please let us know - we would love to help spread the beautiful Vegan message to the world.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Best Vegan Recipe EVER!

How great does this look?

Hi Space
Just me again, checking in after a creative afternoon in my kitchen, which inspired me to blog on my creation, adored and rated by a non-vegan trifle lover! After I discovered a gelatine free jelly in the health food section of Coles yesterday, I came home to my partner dreaming of trifle, and I had a light bulb moment! It must be about 10 years since I have even eaten trifle, not that I missed it, but I had just bought gelatine free jelly and checked my cupboard for other ingredients, and wala!! Vegan Trifle was created, and it was a welcomed change on our menu! So I will share with you all my recipe incase you too are inspired!
So you need to make the vegan jelly found in Coles, no gelatine in this brand "Vitarum"
Can you believe people put the hooves of pigs in most of children's lollies and jelly's...I bet mothers would be horrified if their child tried to suck on the hoof of a pig, yet that is what "Gelatine" really is... a ground down pigs hoof!  Just a little sad knowledge for you all there!! Anyway....lets go back to the recipe without this sadness!
To make the sponge:
  • 1 cup plain flour
  • 1/2 cup Castor sugar
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 3 tsp baking powder
Sift these ingredients then add,
  • 3/4 cup soy milk 
  • 1/4 cup canola oil.
Bake the mixture in any small tin and in the oven for approximately 20 minutes. It will need to be cut up or you can just break it up with your hands....
Then you need soy custard:
  • 1 tbsp cornflour
  • 1&1/2 tbsp raw sugar
  • 1 cup cold soy milk
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Mix cornflour to smooth liquid with little soy milk
Heat remaining milk with sugar. When it nearly boils, take it off and stir in cornflour.
Return to heat and boil, stir constantly and cook for another minute, add vanilla.
Then you just mix them all in together, the custard, cake and jelly in a clear bowl if you can to show off off the colours, and you can toss in some strawberries or raspberries or jam.Then top with Vanilla Bliss soy ice cream instead of the usual cream, and grate some of that vegan chocolate from Aldi, for $2.50 the peppermint version of "Moser Roth" works for me!!
Enjoy with your family, or take it to the next party!
Made With Love from Renata xo

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Peace, Love.......VEGAN!

Spreading the Peace Baby

The word “VEGAN” can resonate negative connotations in my mind....or society’s mind.....or society’s mind in my mind....ha-ha....and I would like the opportunity  to consciously change that habit of my way of my own mind!! Am I making sense yet? The word “Vegan” can bring on lots of feelings to different people, and I am feeling like I need to have more trust in this word for the future of its survival in the positive realm!

Vegan means peace, vegan means love for all beings, yet it also seems to be a great excuse for some to get angry and judgemental, myself included in this statement. A close friend recently told me I can be these things, which caused me to take a deep look inside and clean up some more!

The fact is, it is a hard task to be vegan in society...not because of the myth that there is nothing for vegans to eat, but because everywhere around us is food that turns human stomachs into graveyards....and it makes us feel so sad...which then makes us feel frustrated when we look around supermarkets...and barbeques.... and children’s lunchboxes....which in turn makes us feel judgmental...... and ....well... sometimes we are hungry when uncreative chefs think all that we eat is “Garden Salad”....but that is beside the point!

People are vegans for so many reasons, but beside the fact that so many animals suffer for the palate and it’s a healthy way of life, our diet is now actually detrimental to the future of our planet. And it’s not rocket science to the average IQ....Billions of animals are bred for human consumption, it wastes billions of litres of water and petrol, and wastes millions of hectares of land, which clears and wastes millions of trees,, and wastes millions of kilos of grain to feed the animals that we fatten up to kill, who also need millions of dollars worth of medicines, and well...the meat industry is basically a huge waste of time and resources!! Meat is actually and factually...quite destructive to the planet on a huge level!! The most rediculous thing is we don’t need it to is actually poisoning our species survival and the planet that we live.

A friend once said to me “If the government told me to stop eating meat  then I would!” Do we really need to be dictated to? Can we no longer think for ourselves? The government is not going to tell millions of people to stop eating a product that generates billions of dollars ...they would rather watch the destruction of our planet before they “Let Go!” 
We are so programmed to both ignore and endure the cruelty we inflict on animals.

So vegan is a great word as it means peace for all animals, it means tranquility for the future of climate change, it means not wasting precious resources that the planet provides for us, and most importantly it means happy healthy humans! Vegan is the only way of the future!!

So for now, I will do my best to try to be all of these attributes to protect the reputation of the word Vegan!

Peace Love & Vegan!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Taking It To The Streets

Vegan Era's Billboard
In the midst of all that our world has witnessed to the start of the year, the CREW at Vegan Era are taking the Earth Saving message to the world. As you can see, this billboard will be up and about for the next month (and hopefully more to come) in a hope to urge people to think about the choices they make.

If you look back a year, you would notice that our world went through a big shift. Haiti and Chile were the main countries affected. They bore the brunt of damaging earthquakes that shock the very fabric of the Earth and people's lives. It seems that we are witnessing something similar again this year, however doesn't it seem that things stepped up? Not only did Australia have the biggest floods in over 30 years, but New Zealand and Japan have had their worlds shaken.

I recently took the time to write to a selected group of open minded people that have great responsibility in our world. They are already environmental activists, whose will is strong in helping save our world. I sent them information about the damaging affects the livestock industry is having on our world, and how making the simple choice of changing your diet can help Save Our Planet.

Some of the people I talk to have already labeled it too late to do anything and that nature is on course to do its job. They may be right - but I can't stand back and throw my hands and say that's it. You just never know your luck in a big city. How about your luck in a big world?

What ever your mindset, there is no doubting our world is in the midst of turmoil. The bad karma created by killing innocent beings is too great, and retribution is being paid. But what if it is not too late? what if we do have time? Shouldn't we do all that we can to open that one's person's eyes to the truth.

Be Vegan 2 Save Our Planet.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Don't give up your VEGAN POWER!

When we contaminate our bodies with animal products we can feel sluggish, heavier and low on energy.  Ultimately, we lose some of our vegan power!  Don't get caught by the vegan police violating the vegan laws accidently by eating these hidden animal products:

Check out this video of a scene from the new movie, Scott Pilgrim VS The World.  In this movie Scott has to battle his new girlfriend's 7 evil ex-boyfriends.  In this scene he is fighting one with vegan super powers.  However, he loses his powers when he is tricked into drinking cow's milk instead of soy milk and the vegan police strip him of his powers...

Ok; so with that being said - here is a list of some of the nasties that we can find in our find that can make us loss our Vegan Power.

120: Cochineal                       From Insects
161: Xanthophylls                  From Egg Yolk
252: Sodium Nitrate               From animal waste
322: Lecithin                          From animal organs
422: Glycerine                        From animal fat
441: Gelatin                           From animal skin
472: Esters Glycerol              From Glycerine
473: Sucrose Ester                 From Glycerine
474: S-Glycerindes               From animal fat
475: Polygycerol                   From animal fat
477: Glycerol Esters             From animal fat
491: Sorbitan                        From animal fat
492: Span 65                        From animal fat
542: Bone Phosphate           From animal bones
570: Stearic Acid                 From animal fat
572: MG Stearate                 From animal fat
627: Disodium                     From fish
631: Di-inosinate                 From fish and meat
635: Mixt.627 & 631          From fish and meat
920: L-Cysteine                  From animal fur and feathers
1518: Triacetin                   From glycerine
1520: Pro-Glycol                From glycerine

So; here is a pretty extensive list that gives you a pretty good idea of all the nasties out there that can make you lose your VEGAN POWER.
Also, be ware that brown sugar and raw sugar is filtered through bone char.

If you can think of any others we would love to hear them. Remember Be Vegan 2 Save Our Planet.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vegan Power

This blogger post was created due to many recent events transpiring at similar times. This always seems to be the way with us - sooner or later concepts of what we want to talk about sinks in.

We were sitting down watching Scott Pilgram Vs. The World when we came across a classic scene that we just had to talk about. If you haven't seen the movie; do your self a favor and get it out - it is cool.

To paint a very broad picture - Scott needs to defeat seven ex boyfriends of a girl that he likes. They all have different super powers that Scott needs to discover in order to overcome them and claim his beauty.
One of the boyfriends is a Vegan; with as you guess it Vegan Power. This dude rocks - he levitates, uses his increased mind power to control objects, and can not be defeated (well, almost).
We just couldn't believe how awesome Todd Ingram was (the Vegan) and how is character was portrayed as being this super human.
The only way Scott defeats him, is by offering him a coffee made on milk. When he drinks it he loses his Super Vegan Power. When we contaminate our bodies with animal products we can feel sluggish, heavier and low on energy.  Ultimately, we lose some of our vegan power!

Another super cool show that we have started up watching again is a cartoon series called Avatar - The Last Air Bender. You may have seen it out at the movies lately - do yourself another favor; don't watch the movie, instead watch the series. Once again; it totally rocks.
Don't think that just because you may be more experienced in years that you will not enjoy it - cause that is not true. The Vegan Era CREW guarantee that you will love it.

Anyway; the premiss of the show is a young boy cruises around the world helping people in need, and ultimately saves the world. The best part is - you guess it; he is a Veggie. How good.
This is a huge cartoon series that reaches billions of children around the world teaching the message of being Veg. Not only that - he meditates and loves enjoying life.
it is such a great show.

But, in reality the reason why this post has been bought together is because one of Vegan Era's most flavour flavour bands - The Beastie Boys are totally ROCKING.
One of the members of this very talented trio is speaking publicly about the importance of leading a Vegan diet in helping to prevent breast cancer. We just couldn't believe how great this is.

Anyways; here is one of fav songs from the Boys. Enjoy - and remember......VEGAN POWER Ra-Ra-Ra Rocks!