Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Healthy Vegan Fox

There is a difference in being a healthy a Vegan and not being a healthy Vegan. I am sure that you would have read all about this recently where Megan Fox has spoken very publicly about her recent diet. This has given us reason to bring you a simple guide in adopting a healthy, nutritious Vegan diet into your lifestyle.

As with any diet that you undertake, it is imperative that you maintain a healthy balance. It can be very easy to fall into a trap of thinking that because you are limiting yourself a food, you can compensate with other types of food. That can be a very dangerous trap, as you can very easily over compensate.

If you are not aware of the good food types, you can start down a path of eating or in some cases not eating certain foods. This can come about through old habits, or through bad advice. It is important you seek the right advice from the right people, because when you go to the wrong people stuck in the old way of thinking all to easily you can be taken of the path.

The types of food that you must be aware of,
- High processed food: Products like flour, white bread, chocolate, chips, biscuits and cakes are dreadful for our bodies. Even if you are fit and healthy, you would not eat too much of this.

- Balance of Fruit and Vegetables: Ensure you are getting a good mix between fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains (brown rice, millet, quinuo)

- Legumes: Look for organic, un-processed soy products like tofu. They are a great substitute and fill you up.

- Grains: There is a whole world out there full of amazing grains that will give your body all the carbohydrates and protein it needs.

All yourself to be loose and have some fun with preparing and enjoying Vegan food. There is so much to be had in the kitchen and so many amazing recipes out there. If you get too stuck in some old school medical dogmas, you are not giving yourself the chance to enjoy your new found lifestyle.

If you ever have any questions, see your doctor (if you can a veg doctor) and get a blood test. They can test your iron and B12 levels to ensure your body is getting all that it needs.
If you ever find that it is a little low on something, there are a stack of products out there that are Vegan that will give your body the supplements it needs.

Above all, enjoy your new found lifestyle. I assure you that you will feel amazing and get so much more out of life.

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  1. I take my B12, and my iron is always great too!! Plus, it's really funny because my protein is always high!!