Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What Makes Your Vegan Fashion

Coming very shortly, Vegan Era will be releasing their latest e-book Vegan Fashion. We are very, very excited as this has been something that we have been wanting to do for a very long time. We also feel that there is a whole, amazing, colorful fashionable vegan fashion world out there that no one seems to know about it.

It is pretty similar to making the transition with your food. We have been raised for such a long time on a traditional diet that it is in-grained in us. When we grow older we eat without thinking. The same can be said for what we wear.

Vegan Era is hoping to change all that with their latest e-book that goes in to detail about the fashion industry and what exactly goes into making our clothes. Not only that, our beautiful Mandy will be giving a few extra tips and hints on ways that you can Vegan-ise your wardrobe.

When you take a look at the fashion magazine, blogs and papers you are seeing more and more celebrties are making the compassionate choice and choosing to wear no fur.
A large thanks has to go to PETA who do an amazing job in attracting celebrities to take a stance against animal cruelty in the fashion industry.

We are noticing people like Ellen, Pamela Anderson and Pink take a stance not only against fur but also promote vegan fashion. Plus the world has the amazing talent of Stella McCartney, whose line is always inspiring. Due to the increase publicity of this beautiful movement toward a compassionate lifestyle, many celebrities are stepping out on the run way waring faux fur.

No we are also seeing people like Gisele Bundchen (model) take an interest in eco fashion as well as Summer Rayne Oakes who not only promotes earth friendly choices, but actively promotes this in schools and the community.

So, on this topic the CREW at Vegan Era would love to hear your thoughts on your Vegan Wardrobe.

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