Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why We Love Bill

Bill Clinton
We only have a couple of words for this, 'how cool!' The CREW at Vegan Era were so amazed to hear this news. For some time we had heard the rumor that Mr. Clinton had gone vegetarian, however, when we heard the news that it was no longer a rumor and an actuality that Mr. Clinton was Vegan....WOAW we were simply blown away.

For those out there that are new to being Vegan, and adopting the Compassionate lifestyle let me shed some light on to why this is so big.

For those of us, that have been actively promoting this way of life, it can sometimes seem like we are bashing our heads against a brick wall. The message is there, but for some reason it just doesn't seem to be reaching the wider audience. The CREW at Vegan Era have spent much of their time researching why this is the case. Simply put, we don't really know. There are factors in the past that we can differently see why it would be hard to break through, perhaps those barriers are still up. However, when such an influence public figure makes it public that he advocates a Vegan diet, it feels like a barrier has come down.

One of the biggest barriers that we find is the regulations that are in place by government agencies. An example of this is recently in Australia, the Prime Minister placed a halt on Live Export Trade. It soon got lifted, and not long after they passed a bill in Parliament that saw Live Export could continue.
When governments around the world are still dictating such policies, it makes it difficult to get a message heard that differs from this.

The public view is essential in helping to turn the point of view of the government. When a influential public figure such as Mr. Clinton speak out promoting a Vegan lifestyle, this assists the whole cause of promoting a compassionate lifestyle. It is like a ripple effect, when this gets into the media you soon hear more and more coming out advocating the same message. As this continues, it grows strength and you soon find that a tidal wave has been created and is covered in all media. Then when we, who are watching the news see this, it no longer seems like such an abstract vision. Rather a very real possibility.

There is a beautiful quote from Mother Theresa. A person asked, 'Why will you not come to our Stop War rally?' Mother Theresa replied with 'When you hold a Pro Peace rally, I will be there.'

There are very effective methods in spreading the compassionate message. Through powerful, public figures like former President Mr. Clinton does this, it holds great gravity in promoting any campaign.

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