Tuesday, September 20, 2011

End Foie Gras

Foie Gras, literal translation is "fatty liver"; this is the process  where 'farmers' force a tube down a duck or a geese throat and pumps up to 20kg of fat into their bodies.
You ask yourself, why?
As described by Ms. Kate Winslet in a new PETA video; this process causes thier livers to swell to many times the normal size.
Are you still sitting their scratching your head asking yourself, 'yes, but why?' Well, this practice is done to feed the socialites of the world at their dinners.
A common meal now at restaurants is liver, and this equates to the liver from an animal such as a duck or a geese.
Have you not ever asked yourself. when sitting at the table staring at your piece of liver (this writer is shuttering at the thought) how that liver became so big - and where it came from.
Well, this is where!
The living conditions of our beautiful feathered friends are appalling, they are crammed into cages no bigger then them.

They can hardly stand - let alone spread their wings and stretch. They are placed in a prison cell - confined to a life of torture and pain.

Their day to day lives are spent on death row - knowing they will die, but not when. They are awaken by the 'farmer' strangling them, squeezing their beaks together so they can force a tube down their throat, so far down that it enters directly into their stomach.

This process occurs not just once a day, but many times a day. Our beautiful animal friends are forced feed till they are slaughtered to produce that one piece of liver sold to you at a restaurant.

Please be the voice for millions of innocent ducks and geese slaughtered daily.
Would you like your children, your brother or sister, your father your mother or your friend to be one of these animals?

Help put an end to this terrible truth.

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