Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Taking It To The Streets

Vegan Era's Billboard
In the midst of all that our world has witnessed to the start of the year, the CREW at Vegan Era are taking the Earth Saving message to the world. As you can see, this billboard will be up and about for the next month (and hopefully more to come) in a hope to urge people to think about the choices they make.

If you look back a year, you would notice that our world went through a big shift. Haiti and Chile were the main countries affected. They bore the brunt of damaging earthquakes that shock the very fabric of the Earth and people's lives. It seems that we are witnessing something similar again this year, however doesn't it seem that things stepped up? Not only did Australia have the biggest floods in over 30 years, but New Zealand and Japan have had their worlds shaken.

I recently took the time to write to a selected group of open minded people that have great responsibility in our world. They are already environmental activists, whose will is strong in helping save our world. I sent them information about the damaging affects the livestock industry is having on our world, and how making the simple choice of changing your diet can help Save Our Planet.

Some of the people I talk to have already labeled it too late to do anything and that nature is on course to do its job. They may be right - but I can't stand back and throw my hands and say that's it. You just never know your luck in a big city. How about your luck in a big world?

What ever your mindset, there is no doubting our world is in the midst of turmoil. The bad karma created by killing innocent beings is too great, and retribution is being paid. But what if it is not too late? what if we do have time? Shouldn't we do all that we can to open that one's person's eyes to the truth.

Be Vegan 2 Save Our Planet.