Saturday, January 30, 2010

Relationships Part II

Even the good relationship is only bondage, because we are thinking in there and we forget to set each other free. We demand from each other attention, love and return all these kinds of things.
Rarely a Love between a couple flows freely without attachment, without demand, without command, without really any condition and without effort.

Mostly, you must make an effort right? In order to keep it. Any effort take time and energy and any person who you love surround you, you must take time and attention. Even if you don't want to, you know? You just have to pay attention and we are diverted from the one pointed concentration inside. And not many people can concentrate inside and outside at the same time. Even if he or she can; there must be time - you know what I mean?

And time consuming, and while you pay attention to this thing, you can not pay attention to that thing. Even you can remember both thing at the same time, you can only do one thing at a time. Is that not so? Hmmm? You can not pay attention to this one, and then also at the same time fully - how do you say it - pay attention to the other thing.

So actually we are perfect alone.

We know what we do and what time and to do what. But at unluckily this world is made up of beings; including Human beings. And we have to integrate with them all the time. If we have to do something. Or else, just go to the Himalaya. Or some other mountain - be alone. Do things yourself, that is also good. Maybe sounds very useless but it's good.

Suma Master Ching Hai.

So you see, if we are alone - we are alone. It gives us time to get to know ourselves, perhaps get to love ourselves first - rather than looking for that love in someone else. When we find that love of ourselves, then we no longer have that needing energy that we transmit to the universe. At this time - it is very frequent that if we still seek to share, and walk this path with someone - the universe will act in accordance and bring a true love to our sides.

Enjoy your life - enjoy your own love and if the universe has arranged you to have a friend - enjoy their love too (sometimes the universe can reveal that love in an animal too - don't blindfold yourself to think that love just has to come from a Human being)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Relationships Part I

This world creates many bondages for us - through material gain, or acquiring 'things' or even relationships. You can see how money and things can keep us drilled to this world, but if you are not aware of it - your relationships that you form can also keep you bound to this world too.
You have to remember that these things, though create much love; and much suffering - in the end they are nothing. Don't put so much emphasis on these things, because it will ultimately upset your hormony and you will not be able to turn inwards as easily.
Being on this Planet, that is our only real goal - to turn inwards and remember our true nature and reconnect with the supreme force.

So, if during our contemplation on the inner light and sound our family and relationships become more peaceful, be thankful and that is all.Thank God, thank the supreme teachings; but if it should not be so - thank God, that you have more time to spend inward.

To have to pay attention to, and to worry weather he is pleased or she is happy with you or not is nonsense. You are both free - and you should both be free of eachother if a relationship is to be loving. Because, that is the only truth - through your actions of setting one free, they become more loving and give you more attention. But if you keep them there, clinging to the physical - they will want to run further away. It is not you - it is our minds that do this. Do not blame yourself, no, because it is not you - it is the physical mind thinking this is what needs to be done.

If you are both free, you are both happier and love each other more. Because you appreciate each other.

Everything in this world has a price, even if a person loves you - you must take extra care of him or her, so that he is happy - because if he is not happy you are not happy. But if a person hates you - pheww, NICE - Goodbye, nothing to do anymore.

So just be thankful what ever God has blessed you - if have a loving large family; thank Hirm - but set them free. If you are by yourself, that is good also.

Stay tuned for Part II