Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Relationships Part I

This world creates many bondages for us - through material gain, or acquiring 'things' or even relationships. You can see how money and things can keep us drilled to this world, but if you are not aware of it - your relationships that you form can also keep you bound to this world too.
You have to remember that these things, though create much love; and much suffering - in the end they are nothing. Don't put so much emphasis on these things, because it will ultimately upset your hormony and you will not be able to turn inwards as easily.
Being on this Planet, that is our only real goal - to turn inwards and remember our true nature and reconnect with the supreme force.

So, if during our contemplation on the inner light and sound our family and relationships become more peaceful, be thankful and that is all.Thank God, thank the supreme teachings; but if it should not be so - thank God, that you have more time to spend inward.

To have to pay attention to, and to worry weather he is pleased or she is happy with you or not is nonsense. You are both free - and you should both be free of eachother if a relationship is to be loving. Because, that is the only truth - through your actions of setting one free, they become more loving and give you more attention. But if you keep them there, clinging to the physical - they will want to run further away. It is not you - it is our minds that do this. Do not blame yourself, no, because it is not you - it is the physical mind thinking this is what needs to be done.

If you are both free, you are both happier and love each other more. Because you appreciate each other.

Everything in this world has a price, even if a person loves you - you must take extra care of him or her, so that he is happy - because if he is not happy you are not happy. But if a person hates you - pheww, NICE - Goodbye, nothing to do anymore.

So just be thankful what ever God has blessed you - if have a loving large family; thank Hirm - but set them free. If you are by yourself, that is good also.

Stay tuned for Part II

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