Thursday, December 17, 2009

Climbing The HImalayan Mind

Do Noodle, Don't noodle; you are too concerned with tomorrow, and worried about yesterday instead od being in the present.
That is why it is called 'Present' - it's a gift.

Our beautiful Home is blessed with many great spiritual leaders; Jesus, Buddha, Prophet Mohammed and Krishna - just to name a few. All of whom have graced HUmanity to guide us back Home; to find our inner light and sound and be one again with our Creator; God.

These past Masters have bestowed blessed teachings onto us, and today we are graced with Heavens blessings to have author, artists and spirtual teacher Supreme Master Ching Hai guide us through the Earth's turbulent times.
Supreme Master Ching Hai has spent over 20 years bestowing teachings and guidance to Humanity from past Masters; we are blessed to be able to share some of these with you today.

Here is a piece, an exert form one of Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lectures.

One choice to go upward in the more Noble direction. The other choice to go the ordinary way, the easy way and the more beneficial materially way.
Perhaps our choice, make us Noble or Lowly.

If we do not struggle with in ourselves and trying to better our thinking and our ideal or our work, our action; then we will always remain in the same level as before. A very ordinary Goose.

Fear - everyone else fear. Worry - everyone else worry. Eat - everyone else food. Dream - everyone else dream. Do - everyone else action, and habitual expectations. Nothing better about us, nothing improves, nothing more than just a goose. Who eat grass and drink lake water, and pass their lives like this.

So, there lives are also peaceful, harmonised and to how say - no stress, stress free. And they also, look good. But they achieve nothing, more than just grass and lake water. So now we should ask ourselves wether we would desire a so called peaceful life too.
Therefor, I have asked you before not to be proud of your harmonised family, your peaceful surroundings, your material gain and your whatever benefit that you think comes to you through the blessings from the Master, or through practice of the Quan Yin method.

It is true that the Master will bless us with whatever we desire. But, we should not be satisfied with that and feel proud of that achievement. Because this is just nothing.


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