Friday, December 11, 2009

Love & Peace

Living in this world you can certainly say that from time to time it can throw you a few curves balls here and there.

Recently I saw a movie, I can't remember the name of it, but it was Heath Ledger's last movie. Although this is no movie review - I wanted to bring it up as it is pertinent to this editorial. You see, although the movie was crazy with many twists and turns, there was an overall message being portrayed - and it was simple, choice. Choose to be noble, loving, caring and compassionate which sometimes can be a road less travelled. Or, take the road travelled along a path of temptation and turmoil for the soul (even though at the time it seems simple and easy).

This then brings me to a famous trilogy I watched this week; The Matrix. Once again an overwhelming theme of the movie was choice. It was Neo when deciding upon life he said "the problem is choice" - he had the choice to save it or not.This year, has been well to say the least interesting.
In moments of this life, many choices have been thrown in my face. It is not wether they are right nor not - because every choice that we make is perfect. It is always perfect in the realm of Heaven. Because, as creations of God - we are perfect.

Though, through this year I have more and more understood that only through Love and compassion can we save our Home. Only through unconditional love for each other do have the choice if we want to live or not.

It goes a lot deeper than the Love for our children or family - it extends to all living inhabitants of this world. The choice to show them love, and show love to a fellow Human on the other side of the world is what will enable us to survive. By us making a simple choice of compassion, and love by not harming another life - we are enabling a chance of another - It is cause and affect. As you sow, so shall you reap - Karma.

By us emitting love instead of violence, we are promoting beauty. In a recent article, that exact though stood true - by placing a pencil in the children's hands instead of a gun provided the child with a chance. His family were so grateful that they no longer had hatred.We must be that - every single day, we must be the light to enter into people's hearts so they too can be compassionate and loving. No matter how hard, nothing is hard in the kingdom of Heaven.

Be Love - Be Peace - BE VEGAN.

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