Thursday, January 13, 2011

Don't give up your VEGAN POWER!

When we contaminate our bodies with animal products we can feel sluggish, heavier and low on energy.  Ultimately, we lose some of our vegan power!  Don't get caught by the vegan police violating the vegan laws accidently by eating these hidden animal products:

Check out this video of a scene from the new movie, Scott Pilgrim VS The World.  In this movie Scott has to battle his new girlfriend's 7 evil ex-boyfriends.  In this scene he is fighting one with vegan super powers.  However, he loses his powers when he is tricked into drinking cow's milk instead of soy milk and the vegan police strip him of his powers...

Ok; so with that being said - here is a list of some of the nasties that we can find in our find that can make us loss our Vegan Power.

120: Cochineal                       From Insects
161: Xanthophylls                  From Egg Yolk
252: Sodium Nitrate               From animal waste
322: Lecithin                          From animal organs
422: Glycerine                        From animal fat
441: Gelatin                           From animal skin
472: Esters Glycerol              From Glycerine
473: Sucrose Ester                 From Glycerine
474: S-Glycerindes               From animal fat
475: Polygycerol                   From animal fat
477: Glycerol Esters             From animal fat
491: Sorbitan                        From animal fat
492: Span 65                        From animal fat
542: Bone Phosphate           From animal bones
570: Stearic Acid                 From animal fat
572: MG Stearate                 From animal fat
627: Disodium                     From fish
631: Di-inosinate                 From fish and meat
635: Mixt.627 & 631          From fish and meat
920: L-Cysteine                  From animal fur and feathers
1518: Triacetin                   From glycerine
1520: Pro-Glycol                From glycerine

So; here is a pretty extensive list that gives you a pretty good idea of all the nasties out there that can make you lose your VEGAN POWER.
Also, be ware that brown sugar and raw sugar is filtered through bone char.

If you can think of any others we would love to hear them. Remember Be Vegan 2 Save Our Planet.

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