Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vegan Power

This blogger post was created due to many recent events transpiring at similar times. This always seems to be the way with us - sooner or later concepts of what we want to talk about sinks in.

We were sitting down watching Scott Pilgram Vs. The World when we came across a classic scene that we just had to talk about. If you haven't seen the movie; do your self a favor and get it out - it is cool.

To paint a very broad picture - Scott needs to defeat seven ex boyfriends of a girl that he likes. They all have different super powers that Scott needs to discover in order to overcome them and claim his beauty.
One of the boyfriends is a Vegan; with as you guess it Vegan Power. This dude rocks - he levitates, uses his increased mind power to control objects, and can not be defeated (well, almost).
We just couldn't believe how awesome Todd Ingram was (the Vegan) and how is character was portrayed as being this super human.
The only way Scott defeats him, is by offering him a coffee made on milk. When he drinks it he loses his Super Vegan Power. When we contaminate our bodies with animal products we can feel sluggish, heavier and low on energy.  Ultimately, we lose some of our vegan power!

Another super cool show that we have started up watching again is a cartoon series called Avatar - The Last Air Bender. You may have seen it out at the movies lately - do yourself another favor; don't watch the movie, instead watch the series. Once again; it totally rocks.
Don't think that just because you may be more experienced in years that you will not enjoy it - cause that is not true. The Vegan Era CREW guarantee that you will love it.

Anyway; the premiss of the show is a young boy cruises around the world helping people in need, and ultimately saves the world. The best part is - you guess it; he is a Veggie. How good.
This is a huge cartoon series that reaches billions of children around the world teaching the message of being Veg. Not only that - he meditates and loves enjoying life.
it is such a great show.

But, in reality the reason why this post has been bought together is because one of Vegan Era's most flavour flavour bands - The Beastie Boys are totally ROCKING.
One of the members of this very talented trio is speaking publicly about the importance of leading a Vegan diet in helping to prevent breast cancer. We just couldn't believe how great this is.

Anyways; here is one of fav songs from the Boys. Enjoy - and remember......VEGAN POWER Ra-Ra-Ra Rocks!

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