Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Peace, Love.......VEGAN!

Spreading the Peace Baby

The word “VEGAN” can resonate negative connotations in my mind....or society’s mind.....or society’s mind in my mind....ha-ha....and I would like the opportunity  to consciously change that habit of my way of thinking...in my own mind!! Am I making sense yet? The word “Vegan” can bring on lots of feelings to different people, and I am feeling like I need to have more trust in this word for the future of its survival in the positive realm!

Vegan means peace, vegan means love for all beings, yet it also seems to be a great excuse for some to get angry and judgemental, myself included in this statement. A close friend recently told me I can be these things, which caused me to take a deep look inside and clean up some more!

The fact is, it is a hard task to be vegan in society...not because of the myth that there is nothing for vegans to eat, but because everywhere around us is food that turns human stomachs into graveyards....and it makes us feel so sad...which then makes us feel frustrated when we look around supermarkets...and barbeques.... and children’s lunchboxes....which in turn makes us feel judgmental...... and ....well... sometimes we are hungry when uncreative chefs think all that we eat is “Garden Salad”....but that is beside the point!

People are vegans for so many reasons, but beside the fact that so many animals suffer for the palate and it’s a healthy way of life, our diet is now actually detrimental to the future of our planet. And it’s not rocket science to the average IQ....Billions of animals are bred for human consumption, it wastes billions of litres of water and petrol, and wastes millions of hectares of land, which clears and wastes millions of trees,, and wastes millions of kilos of grain to feed the animals that we fatten up to kill, who also need millions of dollars worth of medicines, and well...the meat industry is basically a huge waste of time and resources!! Meat is actually and factually...quite destructive to the planet on a huge level!! The most rediculous thing is we don’t need it to survive...it is actually poisoning our species survival and the planet that we live.

A friend once said to me “If the government told me to stop eating meat  then I would!” Do we really need to be dictated to? Can we no longer think for ourselves? The government is not going to tell millions of people to stop eating a product that generates billions of dollars ...they would rather watch the destruction of our planet before they “Let Go!” 
We are so programmed to both ignore and endure the cruelty we inflict on animals.

So vegan is a great word as it means peace for all animals, it means tranquility for the future of climate change, it means not wasting precious resources that the planet provides for us, and most importantly it means happy healthy humans! Vegan is the only way of the future!!

So for now, I will do my best to try to be all of these attributes to protect the reputation of the word Vegan!

Peace Love & Vegan!

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  1. great article... exactly how i sometims feel. i've loved my four years of being vegan. i know most people want to do their part and itsnup to us to makes sure they see this lifestyle and that 'word' in a positive light.