Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vegan Era Crew Journey

Some of the Vegan Era Crew, including our little mascot Trudi the staffy, went on a little journey last week to indulge in delicious vegan delights! Unfortunately where we live there are no vegan or even vegetarian restaurants around so we got to make a little holiday out of it.

Our destination and vegan heaven? Lismore, NSW Australia. Check out this weeks Green and Gorgeous article for a closer look at what this area of Australia has to offer the compassionate traveler.

On our way down to Lismore we stopped at the Gold Coast at the Magic Apple vegetarian restaurant for lunch. Unfortunately we didn't get photos of the awesome burgers that we had because we were too excited and ate it all (this happened numerous times on the trip so my apologies for not being able to truly show you how great some of the food was!). The Magic Apple has had a refurb since we were last down there and it was much lighter and modern, with a beautiful wall of quotes and images.

Then we got into Lismore and went straight to Sweetpea for some soy gelato! Even though we've made beautiful raw ice-cream at home out of frozen fruit, this was still a lovely treat. In fact, I was so happy with a big cone of Chai and Chocolate flavoured icecreams in a big waffle cone that I started skipping down the street!

Next we headed to 20,000 Cows for dinner. We went with a few friends and had a big banquet of tasty Middle-Eastern and Indian dishes, including these amazing spinach and nut-cheese spring rolls, pakora (vegetables fried in chickpea batter), dips and garlic naan bread, a couple of curries and a sticky black rice pudding with coconut cream.

The next day we went to Goanna Bakery and Cafe for Vegan Pancakes.
They were heaven.
Then we travelled to the coast to Ballina and played on the beach - Trudi's favourite thing to do!
We headed back to Lismore to go to 20,000 Cows again because it was just so good! That night we stayed in a beautiful spot on the edge of a river, where we woke up early to light a fire and have our first breakfast of toasted turkish bread, avocado and tomato...

And then headed off for our second breakfast - another batch of vegan pancakes! This time at Sweetpea Cafe. They were equally as good as the other ones but so different. The ones at Goanna Bakery and Cafe were thick and fluffy, whereas these ones were thin and covered in syrup and vegan cream cheese...mmm

That concludes our little trip where the Vegan Era Crew got very close to turning into cute little fat piglets! We highly recommend a fun trip solely focussed on food...go on treat yourself, it's loads of fun! For a great site with a list of vegan and vegan friendly restaurants around the world, head to Happy Cow. Be Love : Be Peace : Be Vegan.

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