Monday, February 1, 2010

Transitioning to Environmentally Friendly Recipies

How many of you out there wouldn't mind altering your recipes some days to be animal free? Is anyone listening to the fact that meat is now officially terrible for the environment? I am sure many pepple know this, however it is hard to make the change with husbands, wives and family situations....but what if you just didn't tell them they were eating a vegan meal?

Now I am not trying to encourage you all to lie, but slowly and surely I am going to be giving you some recipes ideas that no-one will notice are meat free. These recipes will be not too far away from what the "Average Aussie" is already doing...just 'altering' the shopping basket and family recipes a little, so that slowly, slowly you can transition to some meat free meals, and start consciously thinking about what to buy to cut back without too much effort of fuss!

I am going to start today with a "Vegan Spaghetti Bolognaise", and if you don't tell anyone, I can promise you no-one is going to know the difference! With the help of a product from Sanitarium called "Vegie Mince" in all of your Coles and Woolworths supermarkets, you can make a bolognaise sauce that looks the same as meat, tastes the same as meat, and has a high source of protein, iron, zinc, B12, and is cholesterol free as the icing on the cake!

I have no doubt you all have your own bolognaise sauce recipes, but I will give you all one just in case.
If you are super organised, make this sauce a day early as as you know, sauce always tastes better the next day...that is just a small tip for you all!!

Don't forget to be happy and think positive thoughts, or sing your favourite song when you are cooking - as the love will go into your families hearts and taste so much better!! That is a spiritual fact!

So to feed your family, you will need to boil up enough spaghetti or whatever pasta you enjoy! To be even more environmentally friendly, go for an egg free pasta.

Then buy:
2 packets of Sanitarium Vegie Mince
1 bottle 500g tomato bolognaise pasta sauce of your choice
500g tin organic tomatoes of choice
one huge white onion and 2 fat cloves garlic chopped
cold pressed Australian olive oil...lets say...1/4 cup
dried basil herb
fresh basil,salt and pepper to taste
The bolognaise sauce goes as follows:

Fry up your finely chopped onions, dried basil herbs and garlic in some olive oil
Add Sanitarium mince and mash into the garlic and onions
Add tin of tomatoes and stir
Add bolognaise sauce and simmer for 30 minutes on low heat, stirring
Add salt and pepper to taste, and freshly chopped organic basil from your garden

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