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One of the most common questions that gets thrown at you when you mention the vegan diet is "Why don't you eat eggs?' I understand the curiosity behind people not putting them in the animal cruelty category, however I met a lady on the weekend who may be able to help you understand why.

But firstly, there is no real need for eggs, which by the way are full of cholesterol and unhealthy fats. If you are a baker, there is a product on all supermarket and health food shop shelves called "Egg Like" or "Egg Replacer" which works wonders in binding cakes. You can also use 2 tablespoons of cornflour and a little water to form a glue that won't interfere with the taste.
If you like the big breaky to fill you up on those Sunday mornings, then a cruelty free "Vegan Big Breaky" consists of things like:
veggie sausages (Mrs Flannerys, all Coles & Woolies)
baked beans
fan of avocado with cracked pepper and salt
fried tomato
fresh Turkish bread with nutelex margarine
freshly squeezed orange juice
scrambled tofu...(soft tofu..just pretend it is eggs and cook with favourite ingredients)
Here are some simple facts about where your eggs come from

RSPCA Barn Eggs are produced by housing hundreds of chickens in sheds with laying boxes around the edges. Theses chickens are stressed and confused as they have little personal space and confused pecking orders. After 18 months they do not lay fast enough and are taken to abattoirs
FARM FRESH/SUPERMARKET EGGS are laid from battery hens that live in small cages holding 5 hens each. These hens have barely enough room to turn around and their feet become painful from holding onto the metal cage beneath them . Again these hens are taken to the abboitors after 18 months
FREE RANGE are once again in sheds, but supposedly let out for some time in the day, however it is not monitored.
So you as a consumer can CHOOSE to purchase eggs, or you can CHOOSE to purchase some egg like and go for a vegan breaky. It is easy to live without them, and you don't have to contribute to the never ending suffering of our beautiful animals.

If you live in Brisbane and would like to give some battery hens a home after their first 18 months of a horrendous life, there is a wonderful lady by the name of "Monique" who is going in to the battery farms and taking as many as she can find homes for before their trip to the abboitors. Her phone number is 0419 709 729 and she lives in Banyo. Monique will be available at Brisbane's Green Earth Festival on Saturday 13th March at the City Botanical Gardens to talk with the general public.
Email is

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